Boxes: Lifting the Lid on an American Life. A book by Donnan Beeson Runkel

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Lifting the Lid on an American Life
by Donnan Beeson Runkel

book coverEveryone has a collection – stamps, receipts, seashells, pictures, figurines. These objects, when gathered together, imbue more meaning than each has on its own. For the author, the varied containers crowded on top of her dresser became not just a collection of boxes to hold her jewelry, but a link to people in her life who made major contributions to who she is today – a successful businesswoman with a wide array of friends and connections around the world.

Each one of these boxes contains a rich story of transformation that, when woven together, becomes a unique memoir. This collection of influences and experiences, changes and challenges is responsible.

In Boxes: Lifting the Lid on an American Life, readers will witness vivid, often hilarious, recollections of a life that began in awkward self–doubt and blossomed into the discovery of true love and the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and career. Through this journey, readers will learn as she has that the pain of life folds into the many-faceted depths of becoming.

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