Comedy of Errors review

Comedy of ErrorsThis often-produced Shakespeare comedy, the third we’ve seen in our 12 years here, usually comes with a twist. And, indeed this year’s production is unique. One of the ship-wrecked twins grew up New Orleans; the other in New York’s Harlem during its Renaissance. Casting the shadow of the breakdown of the African American family over this silly story gives it unexpected heft. All the Thomas Theater action takes place on a magical set that by itself makes seeing this show worthwhile. On top there are wonderful performances, in particular the talented, light-footed Rodney Gardner as Dromio. And, Mark Murphy steals a scene or two as a servant.    The 90 minutes, with no intermission, goes way too fast. Like so many other devoted OSFers, we wondered if we needed to see yet another production of Shakespeare’s first play. Our answer is a resounding, “Yes!” This is a masterpiece from director Kent Gash you won’t regret adding to your play menu.

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