As Innkeepers, we are often asked if we give discounts – AARP and AAA seem to be the leading contenders. We almost always say, as firmly and politely as we can, “No.” As we have explained to many, we want to avoid having our guests feel the same way we do about our seatmate whenever we get on an airplane — (S)he probably got a better deal than I did because I’m not as smart and savvy on the computer.

YradEach year, we revisit our discount policy. There’s always the chance that we might have begun to feel smarter when we’re flying and therefore more beneficent toward our on-the-ground-discount-seeking guests. Particularly in these hard financial times.

We changed our mind about discounts a few years ago. And in the spirit of full transparency, we want everyone to know how to qualify for one. We realize that these discount categories are quite personal and subjective, but after all, that’s been the root of our success – being personal and subjective with all our guests. The burden of alerting us that you qualify for one, however, is on you BEFORE we use your credit card.

Please tell us you qualify for the 3 per cent discount when you make a reservation.

  • Graduates of Cochranton, Pennsylvania High School; Radnor, Pennsylvania High School and The Pennsylvania State University
  • Rotarians
  • Classroom teachers
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps Staff or Peace Corps parents
  • Anyone born in 1941
  • Members of ACBL
  • Left handers
  • Groups renting multiple rooms for multiple nights

For those who don’t fit into any of these categories, we will strive for your experience to be a value-added one, nonetheless.