Letter from the Innkeepers Fall 2004

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Dear Friends,

Fall is upon us. People are coming to breakfast wearing fleece. The theater starts earlier, our teenage helpers are changing classes instead of beds and the evening temperatures drop into the 40s and 50s. Grapes and plums are falling off the trees before we have a chance to pick them. We have rooms for those who haven’t been here yet, or for those who want to squeeze in a few more plays.

Now more than ever do we have rooms!

As those of you who have visited in person or seen our website — www.ashlandbandb.com — know, we’ve expanded. With the purchase of two small cottages with seven rooms known as the All’s Well Guest Houses, we’ve become Anne Hathaway’s Cottages.

Cattycorner across Main street from us, these are delightful, peaceful places. The rooms are truly spacious, have queen beds, kitchenettes and six of the seven have Jacuzzi tubs. Each also has either a private front porch or a back deck with chairs for reading and relaxing and tables for dining. A grassy green back yard edged with interesting shrubs, flowers and trees beckons you to slow down and take a nap in the sun or finish your book on one of the chaises.

So, how about a fall getaway in Ashland? The All’s Well rooms are priced at $130 a night through the end of the season, with the fifth night of your stay free. This does not include the increasingly famous AHC breakfast, which is available for $12.50 per person. Another option is a delicious breakfast basket delivered to your door for $8.

Now if you’re ready to shop and save money, plan a holiday shopping trip to sales tax-free Oregon. The All’s Well rooms will be available at $75 per night between November 1st and March 31st.

The original Anne Hathaway’s cottage also has some space available this fall. We are also offering a free fifth night of your stay. We’ve sent the rusty behemoth of a shed off to new service and created patio space perfect for reading or chatting. Our winter rates are a third off the usual tariff.

Your hosts will be around throughout the fall, except for October 16-17 when our daughter Lucy will be married in San Francisco (this being the second of our children to be married during this season). An experienced innkeeper will be on duty.

Cheers from us, and may your favorite candidates win,

Deedie and David Runkel