The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window review

The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s WindowAs familiar as The Tempest’s story is, so is the memory and material Lorraine Hansberry’s play features Revisiting the emerging issues of the 1960s, we’re reminded of all the good and the bad. Political reformists campaigning against crooked political bosses, emerging gay rights activism, the changing roles and expectations for women, racial prejudice – they’re all there. It is a big play in that it uses the issues of the day as vehicles for each character’s search for authenticity – not unlike Hansberry’s own determined search at the end of her short life. The brilliant cast is fully up to the challenge with performances by all eight actors that will stay with you for days, in particular newcomer Ron Menzel as Sidney, Sofia Jean Gomez as Iris and Erica Sullivan as Mavis. This is a must-see play. We plan to return more than once.

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